The Submission Process


A vital part of our theatre company is our engagement with writers and we are therefore constantly reviewing our submission process.

We have tried to create a process which ensures that every single play submitted to us is given fair thought and consideration.

However, to be confident that we are achieving this, we are keen to hear from writers with not only your feedback on our submission guidelines, but also with your ideas as to what makes a good submission process and what we can do to make our engagement with you as a writer as rewarding as possible.

Do you feel that our submission guidelines and processes work and are conducive to encouraging you to submit your plays to us?

Have you liked certain aspects of the way in which other theatre companies have received your work and would like to recommend a similar method to us?

Our submission guidelines and outlined process can be found at:

Feedback can either be emailed to us at or left in the comments section below. We also hope to start a conversation on our social media formats about what makes a good submission process.

You can find us on Twitter at: The42ndTheatreC and on Facebook at: The 42nd Theatre Company

Please note that all feedback is valuable, regardless of whether or not you have previously submitted a play to us.

We look forward to reading your comments.

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